Devin The Dude – “What I Be On” Video

03.16.10 8 years ago 16 Comments

This is some real high shit you’re about to see. For the past few weeks I’ve been vibing out to Dev’s new offering eagerly away the sparking of Suite #420. But the video, man, the video is one of the funniest, yet most entertaining I’ve seen in awhile. You see, I’m a simple dude and quite honestly I could care less about most videos nowadays. Sometimes you just need something real lucid to remind you it’s still at least a few people staying true to themselves.

Devin’s visual for “What I Be On” is exactly what the title suggests. The opening scene reflects that of many weed ciphers across the country. Smoking and video games. Depending who you ask, it’s almost like they were meant for each other. From there we’re all allowed to ride shotgun as The Dude takes us through a day of his life. Full of trips to restock on munchies, odd jobs to support his chronic habit and a smooth two step dance sequence. If sounds confusing, don’t worry, you’d probably have to be high to understand it anyway.

Download — Devin The Dude – “What I Be On”

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