Dez Bryant’s Quiet Offseason Is No More, Arrested On Domestic Violence Charge

07.17.12 5 years ago 19 Comments

A Dallas Cowboys player was arrested. If this were the ’90s, things would look promising given the fact Dallas operated best on the wrong side of the law. However, since it’s 2012 and we’ve only won one playoff game since the first Clinton term, Dez Bryant’s arrest for an alleged domestic violence incident is yet another distraction. Dez was taken into custody Monday in Desoto, Texas, and outside of that not much information was revealed although Bryant did confirm he was a “close friend” prior things hitting the fan.

There, now that we’ve got the speficis out of the way, allow me to address this Dez Bryant situation head on for once. Call me batsh*t crazy, an idiot or a homer, but even with this I’m not ready to give up on buddy just yet. He’s a problem child, but when’s the last time there was actually a “sane” Cowboys star player?* That and the dude is one of those rare quick and extremely physical wide receivers that’ll have you singing his praises quicker than Jerry Jones can make it from his box suite to the sideline. I will admit, however, Dez needs 24-hour security blanket around him because his rap sheet is more impressive than anything he’s done as a pro thus far (even though he finished second on the team last year in catches, yards and touchdowns).

There’s a bright side to this. If Dez can somehow start getting as many passes thrown to him in the third and fourth quarter, this off-the-field stuff would never happen. Ok, maybe not, but I’d definitely feel more confident starting him in fantasy football. And thankfully, Lil Wayne wasn’t anywhere near Desoto, Texas, at the time of Dez’s arrest. So, I guess, in a sense, Can’t Do Right Bryant is learning from his mistakes. Next up, don’t put your hands on women. Catch touchdowns, not cases.

Update: Reports this morning are circulating that the incident involved his mother: “A source said late Monday night that Bryant, in an argument with his half brother, wound up pushing his mother, Angela. According to the source, police responded to a call on Saturday night, but no arrests were made at that point. Further examination of the reports resulted in Monday’s arrest, the source said.” – ESPNDallas


* – Demarcus Ware? He looks sane, but something tells me he eats raw meat before every game. Something has to explain why he’s at damn near 20 sacks every year. Hopefully the secondary picks up on his diet.

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