Dez Bryant Detained By Police After Miami Nightclub Altercation

01.17.12 6 years ago 5 Comments

Between Thanksgiving weekend and the Sunday before Martin Luther King Day, people party harder on those two days more than the majority of days throughout the year. And having too good of a time apparently got Dez Bryant in a bit of trouble in Miami this past weekend an apparent altercation at, wait for it, the Hip-Hop favorite Club LIV.

So the story goes, everything was going well that evening with Bryant even tweeting about being in attendance. There were the bottles, the VIP section and, of course, the groupies. Now here’s where the story takes a turn for the negative. Supposedly, Dez got into an argument with quite a few members of a “famous rapper’s entourage.” I have nor the time or interest to thumb through the gossip Rolodex to find out who this “famous rapper” is, but feel free to report back here with findings if the mysterious artist is revealed. Dez was never arrested, yet later detained by Miami police.

Those familiar with the Cowboys or football in general are well aware this isn’t his first encounter on the wrong side of the law. There’s his baggy pants fiasco at a Dallas mall and then there’s the jeweler incident (who claimed Dez owed him nearly $800K) which caused Jerry Jones to take control of the receiver’s finances. And according to’s Rebecca Lopez, those close to him are worried he’ll continue to get in trouble.

To the conspiracy theorists out there, I say this. Dez Bryant better be on Dallas’ roster come August. He’s too talented to let slip away because of “character issues.” The whole damn team was one screw loose of a tool kit in the ’90s and it served them just fine. With the talent vs. drama battle obviously being the issue at play though, credit the maturation of Bryant as yet another story line surrounding football’s most dysfunctional and controversial franchise.

As for Terrance Newman, however, he can go.

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