If DG Yola’s Career Wasn’t Over Already, It Probably Is Now

03.18.14 4 years ago 12 Comments

Ironically enough, DG Yola and myself had our first conversation nearly two years ago on Twitter. It was brief, but the main point of the exchange (and random tweets later) predicated around how he was ready to focus on rap and leave his troubled past behind him.

Nearly five years after being sentenced to prison for shooting his cousin in the chest, Yola’s back on the wrong side of the law. This time, for far more sinister charges.

Mario Talley, 28, was arrested Friday and charged with felony murder, aggravated assault and attempted robbery, Atlanta police said. He’s alleged to have shot and killed Rodney Walker last Sunday night at the Daron Village Apartments on Harwell Road.

Walker was found dead by police in the rear of the apartment building. Police said he had been shot multiple times.

Another shooting victim, Isiah Knight, is being held in stable condition in Grady Memorial Hospital. He informed police he was robbed and shot out the same apartment complex. Both crimes are being linked to Yola who is currently held in Atlanta’s infamous Fulton County Jail.

And thus shines yet another example of Hip-Hop’s Revolving Prison Door. One comes out (Boosie) and another goes in (Yola). “Ain’t Gon’ Let Up” and “I’ma Dog” were a long, long time ago.

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