Diamond D – “Bad/Good” Video

03.18.09 9 years ago 5 Comments

Just as Shan stated, I love to hear the stories again and again. It wasn’t my childhood, but what Diamond lays out in his new video “Bad/Good” is the foundation of this music and culture. And if someone is going to dictate that history to me, I want it to be a fully decorated tried and tested OG of the game.

True, I’ve been hardly entertained/enthused by the new breed, with the exception of a few. And true, Stunts And Blunts is a top ten favorite and D.I.T.C. are gods to me. But when it comes down to the brass facts you can’t front on a beat that was tapped out by the same hands that wrote it, and tied together by the dexterity of those hands on a turntable and mixer. The imagery even matches the content of the song as if videos were actually supposed to represent the theme.

Of course the cynic had to slide one line in, but I’ll end it with this: the “best producer on the mic” title is a hotly disputed one. Yet, if there is one thing the original owner of the belt holds against his disciples it is longevity.

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