Did Diggy Simmons Just Diss J. Cole On “What You Say To Me”?

04.01.12 6 years ago 43 Comments

Any music or material that makes its way online on April 1st always deserves a disclaimer suggesting everyone proceed with caution. The warning is the only way to approach checking out Diggy Simmons puffing his chest up and lyrically running up on J. Cole in his latest song, “What You Say To Me.” Honestly, the two light-skinneds never figured into the same musical plane to me, at least not until now.

After hearing his name tossed around in Cole’s “Grew Up Fast” and “Purple Rain,” Diggy decided* to grab pen and pad to defend his family’s good name. Without adequate bass in his voice, he knew being direct was the only way “What You Say To Me” would be effective. Therefore, there are no slick disses here as Dig goes “Little nigga think he Cole, think he live like me, Jetsetter, trendsetter – nah you not like me” and refutes Cole’s claims that he tapped a Simmons sister by charging that “only thing you hitting in the morning is your hand up.”

Again, on April Fool’s, the track could all be a clever vocal impersonation so who knows. If it’s Diggy, I ain’t even mad. Conventional wisdom says he probably doesn’t stand a chance going bar-for-bar with Cole, but that’s beside the point. The Simmons name is rap royalty not to be used in vain and Little Scrappy put up a nice little fight honoring it** ***. Even if he gets knocked down, we have to respect that Diggy squared up, even landing a few funny, lyrical jabs during the early rounds.

Small Update: Vanessa and, more importantly, Rev. Run have decided to weigh in via Twitter. Busy Sunday at the Simmons’ house I suppose.

Diggy Simmons – “What You Say To Me”

*Or his ghostwriter did.

**Again, if this isn’t a prank. I’m still somewhat baffled.

***Bet it’s better than anything JoJo could’ve mustered.

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