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02.28.13 5 years ago 7 Comments

Vanessa Veasley

Mark Wahlberg, Diddy Launch ‘Revolutionary New Performance Water’ [Film Drunk]

Rosa Parks Honored With Capitol Statue [CNN]

Lil Wayne & Pitbull Hash Out Beef On Twitter [The Urban Daily]

More Archer On The Way [Vulture]

It’s A Cold World [Gwarizm]

Lana Del Rey Says Her Next Album Will Be ‘Spiritual…’ [BBC]

YouTube Removes Rapper Lil Poopy Video Due To Child Services [AHH]

Scientific Reasons to Respect Light Beer [Mental Floss]

Chris Brown Opens Up About Reconciliation With Rihanna [C+D]

Physicist Designs Machine to Pull Creme From Oreos [Clip Nation]

’90s TV Nerds: Where Are They Now? [Giant Life]

The Best Athlete Mugshots and Their Look-Alikes [Brobible]

Former WNBA Star Chamique Holdsclaw Indicted For Shooting Incident With Ex-Girlfriend [HHW]

Skatepark Of Tampa SB Dunk Contest [SPoT]

Question in the Form of an Answer: Nacho Picasso [Passion Of Weiss]

Every Celebrity Mocked on South Park Over Its Sixteen Seasons [Vulture]

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