“Die Young, Stay Pretty”

07.18.07 10 years ago 31 Comments

K Sacrifice

EDIT – I had to come back and add some words.

I been dying to use that title. (Who knows the reference?)

K’s a G for that ribcage ink. I ain’t even show the other ink but shorty is superhard with the ink, word to Weezy.

Murs track over the hyphy beat by Rock = a diff sound.

Rae & Remy remind me of Ghost & Charli for some reason. Only thing I kept thinking of was the “Stand Up” track (wasn’t that the title?)

Expect a post on the Playaz Circle track because it’s been on repeat. Weezy’s wheezy chorus of “If I don’t do nothin’ I’mma ball…g’wan get your money lil duffle bag boy” amplifies the track by two notches. Catchy tune by these dudes & I’ve heard other tracks of theirs (namely “Can You Believe”) that I like as well. Let’s see what they do on the DTP compilation and the future.


Murs – Dreadlocks (Produced By Rick Rock)

Playaz Circle and Lil Wayne – Duffle Bag Boy

Joell Ortiz – I Get Money

Havoc – I’m The Boss

Havoc – Be There

Keith Murray – Hustle On

Raekwon ft. Remy Ma – Tell Me How You Like It

Termanology & Evidence – Low IQ


7.20.07. Boston. Two Free Tickets. The winner will be announced today, 7.18.07.Enter.

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