“Dig A Hole”

05.21.07 11 years ago 31 Comments

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Last week, I recieved nasty emails from Monday through Wednesday for writing about that week’s episode of The Sopranos.

“Why’d you post a spoiler!”

“I was gonna watch it on Tuesday you fuck”

Blah blah blah etc.

Now, correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t a spoiler come out before you see something? Hell I assumed everybody else was glued to the TV on Sunday considering it’s the last season. And sorry folks…but it’s the internet. Shit moves fast. If you don’t speak on a particular issue within 72 hrs., you’re in the dust of the pack…

But I digress and I won’t speak on Sunday’s episode except to say…

“Get a mop.”

Personally, I’m getting this ill feeling that the buildup towards Tony’s demise.


I posted that Kanye “Can’t Tell Me Nothing,” along with some other tracks, over @ King yesterday (drop a comment mickeyfickeys!) after listening to it for a brief second. Then (if this gives you an idea of my listening habits), I listened to it all afternoon long as I ran errands.

Kanye’s fakin us out.

Beneath the arrogance & rants, there’s another average conflicted dude just like the rest of us & it continues to show. I’ve often spoke of watching artists, particularly young brothers in sports & entertainment, grow and change right in front of us, doing their thing while the cameras and recording reels are always rolling.

The beat in and of itself is brooding, dark & the repeated wail of the sample adds into the lulling rise & fall that reels you in. Easily South inspired, I kept waiting on Jeezy to drop a verse… but it’s the lyrics and the way they’re fashioned over the track that stand out most.

“La la la-la-la…wait til I get my money right…”

How many have felt like that on constant basis? As if when we do get a little paper, we’ll do the right thing like sock away a chunk of it & spend some on a little splurge. Nope, we usually don’t…we blow it on sneakers, electronic gadgets or the special massage @ the massage parlor.

“I had dream, I could buy my way to heaven/when I awoke, I spent that on necklace…” and the chorus as whole, it speaks volumes not just about ‘Ye but of us all.

Lyrically, the LV Don is still a little stilted in his delivery, in a sort of rope-a-dope style where he’s feigning as if it’s hard work to rhyme…but it slows down the pace & let’s the word sinks in. And when he flips his tongue and crafts the line “…so I parallel, double park that motherfucker sideways…” that’s the strong, forceful jab lettin naysayers know he can indeed bring it when it’s needed.

“Excuse me? Is you sayin something…uhuh…you can’t tell me nothing!

The arrogance, conflicting sides with intelligence battling unabashed ignorance…Kanye is a Gemini :)

Kanye West – “Can’t Tell Me Nothing”

The males aren’t the only ones crankin it up a notch for summer…

Lauryn Hill – “Lose Myself” from the soundtrack for the animated kids movie, Surf’s Up. Guessing that my prayers got thru to her, bismillah ir rahman ir rahim

Keyshia Cole Feat. Missy Elliot & Lil Kim – “Let It Go”

I fucks with Keysh over alot of these R&B chicks.


Rhianna – Good Girl Gone Bad

Let’s hope there’s some potentially good, catchy tracks on here…just so I can stop hearing people sayin “my umm-beerellaaaa…AY AY AY AY.”

Get it while it’s hot.

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