Digital Crate Digging For Vintage Hip-Hop Just Became A Reality

03.21.16 2 years ago 3 Comments

digging into hip-hop

Between Spotify, Pandora, Jango, and the plethora of obscure music sites out there, finding hidden gems from artists you’ve never heard before is easier than ever. That’s even the case for sample-based producers, who no longer need to dig through crates of dusty old records for that one prized loop.

But, just because necessity is there, doesn’t mean certain demos don’t want that feeling of sifting through vintage vinyl to make the perfect selection. For old souls with new school schedules, there’s Digging Into Hip-Hop.

This interactive new site offers a 3D record collection, which users can sift through and play songs from on a whim. The choice selection of around 80 records includes nothing but ’90s underground Hip-Hop, featuring both full albums and singles by everyone from Big L and Black Moon to Little Indian and Ill Biskits.

digging into hip-hip site

By offering some oddball picks amidst the minimal selection, their wide variety actually makes the experience somewhat legitimate. Other than their choice tunes, the functionality itself is obviously quite far from walking into your local music dive and spending an hour reading the liner notes of random LPs no one’s listened to in decades. But, your fingers don’t smell like an old attic afterwords, so there are indeed benefits.

Next time you’re looking for something new to spin and can’t make it to the record store, head over to Digging Into Hip-Hop and break your neck to some 3D bangers.

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