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06.29.08 10 years ago 49 Comments

The past few days & weeks I’ve watched myself go through a minor change.

I’ve started buying more cds and even vinyl. And just by talking to others, I’ve been surprised by how many of my e-homies still buy vinyl as well.

Now when it comes to buying vinyl, I’m not necessarily speaking of going out & getting my fingers dusty (although I have), because realistically, there’s not a lot of stores around here that stock it &, much less, have any worthy titles from the Hip-Hop genre (you can get some good jazz in the Music City though). My vinyl-buying has be a lot of clicking around online to find the cheapest deals, word to Amazon’s vinyl store & eGay auctionsnipers.

With cds though, I’ve been picking them up mercilessly. It all started with a few gift cards I received as birthday gifts & it’s taken on a whole ‘nother level of pursuit and passion of it’s own for me. But with buying cds, it’s way harder to decide what to buy in this digital age where everything can be obtained for free.99 and without even gettin’ off your ass.

Between all of this buying of music and sorting through countless files (literally) of downloaded music & conversations with like-minded friends, I got me to wondering…

— Out of 5-7 Loosies sets posted per week, how many do you download and listen to?

— Same questions for Strays.

— How often do you download something…and never listen to it?

— How do you sort/store it all on all those Western Digitals & Seagates you’ve got glowingly attached to your cpu? What do you use to organize this stuff? iTunes, manual, other…or do you just have folders & mp3s everywhere?

Do you actually buy physical copies of music any more? I’ve heard a few people say it, but I’m of the same school of thought – When I buy something, I want tangible goods. Buying an album off iTunes or even just downloading it doesn’t draw me in as much as actually purchasing a cd.

And in a day and age where sales are down, how long will it be before more materials are indeed OOP and should I be grabbing every disc from Pac’s discog now before it’s no longer readily available?

Stray Shots


G-Unit Beg For Mercy

Wu Tang – Forever 2CD (1996)

Skillz Confessions of a Ghostwriter

Kelis- Kaleidoscope




DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince – Rock The House-1987







Celly Cel – The Songz u Can’t Find (2003) (Bootleg)


Celly_Cel-Slaps_Straps_and_Baseball_Hats_2006 (Advance)

Stray Shots

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