Digital Underground – “Sittin On The Hits”

04.25.10 7 years ago 4 Comments

I’ll be honest, I might be the only crew member that still has Sex Packets tunes shuffle across my iPod. Even though it was released over two decades ago, there’s still a certain magic to the album that hasn’t faded. Digital Underground was just different than anything then or since, a West Coast cool that came easily and capable of putting together hits that were raunchy, funny and pretty damn sexy. Truth be told, that album still has some of the sexiest tracks ever put to wax, even if the girls they rhymed to were wearing spandex and shaving weird designs in their hair (Ok I guess that hasn’t changed).

I was glad too to see that in a week where we lost one Hip-Hop legend, the California collective was still making music. New (and supposedly final) album The Greenlight EP drops next month and Shock G and company deliver a preview with “Sittin’ on the Hits.” The track features the kind of quirky rhymes and alternative samples you’d expect from the Oakland gang. For fans of the original freaks of the industry, consider this the foreplay and grab the main event when it drops.


Download — Digital Underground – “Sittin On Hits”

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