Diddy Offers Drake ‘Dirty Money’

11.13.09 8 years ago 19 Comments

With rumors circulating more than the H1N1 strain, I’m not sure if and when Diddy’s Last Train To Paris will ever leave the station. Thing is, that “Dirty Money” ensemble he formed wasn’t half bad, at least this track wasn’t. Sean likely wanted to hold on to his Drake assisted cut, “Hurt (Loving You No More)”, but the powers that be saw fit otherwise. Puff and his Dirty Money crew harmonize over this smooth instrumental that’ll likely have the hook stuck in your head long after the song concludes. However, it’s Aubrey who comes through with an impressive guest verse.

“Uh, tryin’ not to think
Only cause I drove and I had a lot to drink
When I wanted it blue
You said we had to paint it pink
And it’s pieces of your hair still sittin’ in my sink
And you still got underwear that sittin’ in the dryer
How come everytime that you’re suspicious I’m a liar?
You stand out, I can hear you whistle in a choir
And that’s the only reason you the misses I admire.”

It’s easy for me to say, “this should have been the single”, but this really should have been the single. That’s water under the bridge though. Regardless, as 2009 and the decade draws closer and closer to the end, the Hip-Hop world awaits the debut album from the Toronto thespian-turnt-rapper. Call him generic, call him over saturated, but, for the most part, he makes some pretty damn good music. “Rookie” or vet. Thank Me Later has the potential one of the better debut albums in a long while based on one definitive factor: Drake’s ability to make a quality song.

And that, my friends, isn’t as easy as you might think.

Download — Dirty Money Feat. Drake – “Hurt (Loving You No More)” Pulled by request of Bad Boy

As a bonus, add these to your archives as well. In case you’re wondering, these won’t be on TML.

Download — Drake Feat. Colin Munroe – “Material Girl”

Download — Birdman Feat. Drake–Play Ball | Drake – “Scriptures”

Respect: ATF

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