Dirty Money Feat. Drake – “Loving You No More”

08.26.10 7 years ago 21 Comments

Let’s try this again, shall we? Mainly because the last time was an unauthorized false start. Not totally surprising when you’re dealing with Aubrey Graham as he can’t do a guest appearance, reference track or booger flick without it been sprawled all over Twitter and the rest of the Internet. Such is life for the game’s most ubiquitous crooner.

Which brings us to Diddy & The Gang. Seeminginly content with just having Drake in his dirty rat pack, after nearly a year, not much has changed with this song. “D.O.A.” be damned. This croissan’wich contains enough Auto-Tune to raise Roger Troutman from the dead and get him to Dougie for half-price in the video.

It’s aiight. Albeit a far cry from the grandoise visions Diddy was painting in pre-leak interviews for the album, though. On paper, anything can sound like a potentional masterpiece. But once you start booking the same top-tier acts that he and he and him landed just as easily, you start to become just another dollar bill in a vault of millions.

Dirty Money Feat. Drake – “Loving You No More” | Download

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