Discovery – “Orange Shirt”

01.07.10 8 years ago 5 Comments

Along with partying, puke and dirty carpets, every NYE shindig typically comes equipped with a diverse palette of jams. In the midst of this year’s…er… last year’s intoxicating mix, I was happily hipped to Discovery’s “Orange Shirt.”

A product derived from fusing key members of Vampire Weekend and Ra Ra Riot, this five-month-old, modern day love note is dripping with enough melodic stuttering synth and perfectly-placed 808s to rock a party full of hipsters and hooligans alike. Regardless, despite relatively positive reviews for their debut LP, “Orange Shirt” has unfortunately gotten very little wear from folk outside our still-somewhat-close-knit Internet community. Quite simply, there’s just too much music to be heard and without proper promo, treasures like this get submerged into the abysmal depths of Limewire.

So, before it slips even further into nonexistence, open up your hard-drive and rediscover the shit out of Discovery’s genre-bending jam.


Download – Discovery – “Orange Shirt”

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