DJ Drama Feat. Lil Wayne, Kevin Cossom & Mack Maine – “Words Of Advice”

05.10.11 7 years ago

A few weeks ago I took a road trip to Atlanta with some friends. During the 48 hours of madness, our Saturday night excursion led us to Onyx, the famous strip club. While there, DJ Drama’s “Oh My” blared through the speakers with every stripper giving a collective “This is my sh*t!”

Apparently it was Jeezy’s too because it suddenly began raining $20’s, making the rest of us common folk obsolete. Since then, said song has stayed in rotation. I mean, you never know a song’s truth worth until it comes alive in the strip club, right? What’s the purpose of this story? There isn’t one, yet Dram McCain attempts to go two for two with the release of “Words Of Advice” featuring Weezy, Kevin Cossom and Mack Maine.

Off the first handful of listens, Dram’s second single doesn’t appear to harbor the instantaneous energy as the first (still hasn’t been strip club tested however). It’s still worthy of gaining some spins in the ride as Wayne does his usual 1-2 (“Weezy F Baby and the ‘F’ is for fuck them hoes/Got your girl walking ’round my crib in my underclothes…”) and Mack Maine provides a few humorous bars while proclaiming “I’m trying to make a billion dollars before 2012.” Aren’t we all, Mack? Aren’t we all?

DJ Drama Feat. Lil Wayne, Kevin Cossom And Mack Maine – “Words Of Advice” (V12 Da Hitman)

Respect: RR

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