The World According To Julie J: Lookin’ For Trouble Trouble

02.22.14 4 years ago 18 Comments

DJ Infamous Ft. Jeezy, Juicy J, Ludacris & The Game – “Double Cup” Video

“…We fuck hoes to kill time/Your plane got them delays, we on my jet, n*gga, in real time!” Ludacris rapping that line, but allegedly can’t cough up child support? LAWLZ!

My other thought, or question, rather, is why are all these dudes wearing jackets with leather sleeves? Seeing all the jackets is subconsciously making me really want one! I like Juicy J’s best, Jeezy’s is too happy-hour-after-work-with-you-boss formal, and I’m not into Luda’s peacoat that dwarfs him. A lot of animals died for this video’s wardrobe to happen.

And one final thought from the video that keeps giving: Yung Berg, what?!? Poor dude isn’t credited anywhere!

Young Thug – “Geek’d Up”

If there’s one thing that I’ve noticed in doing my shiny new column, it’s that most of these dudes are literally dropping at least one song or video per week, whether it’s their own doing of DJs with tapes releasing the material.

Maybe I just pay attention to the wrong things, but I honestly didn’t catch that at first. I’m not sure when it reaches a point of hurting them, but as Beware and I were talking about earlier, it definitely hurts the culture. Off the top of my head, I’m thinking of Fredo Santana, ZMoney, and of course Young Thug.

The last one wears pink leopard print peplum dresses though, and posts Instagram pictures with Birdman as well as the “#KissinEachOtherLove” tag. And that has nothing to do with anything, although maybe him leaning and being “Geek’d Up” explains some stuff?

trouble rapper she da one

He's Pointing At Me While Referencing The Song Title. I'm Sure Of It

Trouble – “She Da One”

Trouble Trouble is back with another song about me that my crazy ass can claim is about yours truly. “She Da One” is from Funk Volume producer Kato, who released his aptly titled “Kato’s Revenge” compilation earlier this week. Obviously, any day that there is a new Trouble song is a joyous occasion for yours truly.

Of course I also noticed not one, but two appearances (!!) on Alley Boy’s new mixtape Alley Shakur (grab it here) that I knew absolutely nothing about until it dropped, so all in all, it was a good week.

Sidebar: Does anyone else remember that extremely odd blip on the radar of Master P, Alley Boy, and Fat Trel’s little trio of a rap group? One year later, and that feels like one of the weirder things that happened in 2013.

jose guapo young scooter cash talk

Jose Guapo Ft. Young Scooter – “Cash Talk”

Young Scooter has got to be one of the most, if not the most, apathetic toward his own music. The fact that he manages to sound even more indifferent than in previous songs is staggering. Nonetheless, young Jose Guapo – and by young, I mean looking at him makes me feel old – recruits Scooter to rap about something they both know plenty about, if one is to believe their rhymes.

On another note, that artwork is weird. I’m totally thrown off by the giant vacuum mouth sucking in the cash.

peewee longway gingerbread man

PeeWee Longway Ft. MPA Turk & MPA Spud – “Ginger Bread Man”

There’s just something about PeeWee Longway rapping about being the neighborhood “Ginger Bread Mean.” If something feels off about this, it’s because there is no partner in crime Young Thug to be found. I never really noticed that PeeWee had so many weird ad-libs; I had always kind of assumed the weird noises I heard were a result of Young Thug doing something weird.

Does anyone know what MPA means? MPA Whoever on the second verse almost tricks me into thinking it’s Gucci. But it’s not. I don’t think so anyway.

ydg lil keem perfectly gifted mixtape

YDG x DJ Lil Keem – Perfectly Gifted Mixtape

Naturally, I would be remiss to not mention this latest compilation from producer YDG that features more Migos, Young Thug, the various Migos on their own, Jose Guapo, and PeeWee Longway. What can I really say about this? Migos on that Migos flow, and banging beats. This non-reinvention of the wheel is perfect for the weekend, I suppose.

Figg Panamera Ft. Drizzle Dollar & Dave Earl – “Mailbox”

Just when I’m getting a little bored by the same topics over and over, I watch Figg Panamera’s video for “Mailbox.” By the sounds of it, his world – as well as Drizzle Dollar and Dave Earl’s – revolves around his mailbox. “God-damn I love my mailbox!” When was the last time you heard anyone proclaim love for something like the mailbox? Brick and Lamp in Anchorman?

I can’t vouch for his tape The Independent Game (listen here), but Figg Panamera does have a song named “Figg Panamera,” so the chances are in his favor that it’s at least worth streaming.

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