Want To Hear DJ Jazzy Jeff Rock The Do-Over? Of Course You Do

06.29.13 5 years ago 5 Comments

jazzy jeff big

Throwing a party tonight? Save yourself the hassle of blanking out before making a Spotify playlist and simply spin DJ Jazzy Jeff’s two-hour set at the Do-Over LA. Captured while the legendary turntablist rocked the famed Los Angeles day party a month back, this extended play finds Jeff blending together a hodgepodge of hits, both contemporary and classic. At one point, the mix goes from a Kanye blend that makes you dislike Yeezus even more, seamlessly into Ginuwine’s “Pony,” which just somehow works. The whole mix is like that actually. You never know what’s coming next and always end up pleased. Well, other than Skillz hooting and hollering. We could do without the hype man.

Minor glitches aside, pop Jazzy Jeff’s jam session on this evening and walk away. Enjoy yourself. You’re good. We promise. We’ve been here before.

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