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A couple of years ago when “Party Like A Rockstar” came out, my friend and I discussed the song’s lasting power. He’s a DJ so he was explaining to me the reaction he’d seen to the song at different parties:

“Yea, people go crazy for it. But it’s a phase. It’s not a classic like ‘Back Dat Azz Up.’”

His use of the word “classic” was jarring to say the least. As a “Hip-Hop guy,” my idea of classics are Illmatic and Ready To Die. Not a song that features the line “…You a fine mothafucka, Back dat azz up!”

That conversation stuck with me this whole time as I thought about these songs and their status as classics. But if a song plays 10 years after it first came out and it still gets the girls running to the dance floor, then it is a bonafied classic in the party song sense. So if “Back Dat Azz Up” is a classic, then “Get Ready Ready” by DJ Jubilee is a first ballot Hall of Fame epic classic.

I was raised on it, dancing to this song at my 8th grade dance. My sister, who is 13 years older than I am, danced to it back in the day too. And last night, a club in Houston went crazy when this track came on.

I know you may hear and dismiss this as some sort of nonsense rap because we’re accustomed to a lot of garbage dance songs a la “The Ricky Bobby.” But “Get Ready Ready” is a completely different monster. Not to bore you guys, but I once presented an Anthropological study on “Get Ready Ready” and it’s relationship to African culture. Here’s the abridged version:

Call and response that dates back to West African traditions.

— Coded messages that recall aspects of “playing the dozens” and gatherings in New Orleans’ Congo Square.

— The song traveling throughout the last few years almost solely through word of mouth like as the only people with access to the track for the most part were DJs playing the song at clubs. DJ Jubilee was never on BET or MTV. “Get Ready Ready” has always been a pretty difficult song to get a hold of even in the Napster days. Still, it’s traveled like wildfire or an Anansi story. In fact, many people don’t know the real name of this song as it’s being called “Get It Ready” (which I thought was the title until I started writing this) and “Get It Ready Ready” by many people that know ever word and dance move of the song.

In the annals of dance songs, “Get Ready Ready” is a cultural masterpiece. Don’t get it confused with something like “The Stanky Legg” which holds on to small strands of what the former was founded on but in comparison is at best a half-retarded bastard stepchild. Just listen to the end of Beyonce’s “Get Me Bodied” in which she absolutely jacks pays homage to “Get Ready Ready.” Let’s not forget, Mrs. Carter is from the same Houston that got it ready as if the song came out last week.

Recently, DJ Jubilee was just invited to the New Orleans Essence Festival for the first time ever to perform. It’s amazing that it has taken this long for him to get that spot but it’s nice to know that his classic is being recognized.


Download — DJ Jubilee – “Get Ready Ready!”

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