DJ Khaled Presents ‘No New Friends: The Movie’

04.14.13 4 years ago 22 Comments

Songs just don’t get snippets anymore. Now, they get “movies.” Since Drake gave DJ Khaled the rights to the “Started From The Bottom” remix, which will be called “No New Friends,” the DJ goes big on the promo tip for the record by “directing” a short flick with cameos from Ace Hood, Vado and Timbaland.

Be forewarned, it’s no Bout It by any means. Hell, it’s not even Killa Season. The f*ck if I know if the shit even had a plot, but I did hear Khaled repeat the “no new friends” line a lot. I pretty much had to kill it around the three minute mark after his feeble attempt to fake a Jamaican accent.

I’m going to come back to watch it. Just not right now. I found salvation this Sunday morning and I am not about to let Khaled f*ck it up for me.

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