DJ Khaled – “Welcome To My Hood (Remix)” Video

04.27.11 7 years ago 11 Comments

“Never slippin, I’m ballin, Puff keep on callin’
I don’t see none of you pussies, fuck that shit you be talkin’
Rep Miami the ghettos, every hood and the projects
And when I drop off my singles, I’m droppin’ one of my targets
Lord forgive me for my siiiiiinnnnns, I gave you hits
I gave you “All I Do Is Wiiiiiiiiinnnnnn”, I live this shit
And, we the best, it’s no pretend
I touch a million, throwin’ hundreds in this bitch”

The above words by DJ Khaled nearly gained a Notable Quotable distinction. Allow me to explain before everyone goes up in arms and starts burning my e-likeness. While typically a NQ highlights a stellar verse or two, DJ Khaled, usually the irritating fellow yelling random nonsense on his own tracks, comes around to actually “rhyme” (I ground my teeth into a fine powder typing that), so it’s worth taking an extra look.

As we’ve gotten to know, Khaled can barely scream “LISTENNNNNN!” without huffing and puffing and blowing the track down so he’s wading in completely uncharted waters whenever he attempts to legitimately rap. And by rap I mean string random words together and make them sound kind of alike. Ladies and Gentlemen, there’s good, there’s bad, and then there’s so terrible it’s hilarious. But, we still love Khaled just the same, for every court must have its jester.

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