“So Sweeet…”

11.20.09 8 years ago 14 Comments

Last week, Neil and I discussed the topic of how he finds time to still do tapes while touring. In a nutshell, it’s virtually impossible but I’ll share some of the rest of it later. The main thing that I wanted to share then and now was I told him how someone had literally just sent me a link for Sweet Pt. 2 earlier in the day. Now, I’ve had it – both the mp3 and physical versions – for a while. Hell, we debuted the teaser (so you know I had the full the whole time hehe). Of course though, I didn’t want to put it on Front Street since I knew Neil was hustlin’em via the 5th Platoon site. That would just be so so disrespectful © Marcus.

Being a little intoxicated courtesy of an end-of-the-door celebrating going on, Neil said “Shit man, you can share that. At this point, it’s for the people.”

Never one to let opportunity pass me by…

Download — DJ Neil Armstrong – Sweeet Part 2

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