DJ P – “B-Boy Massacre”

03.30.08 9 years ago 20 Comments

Words By DJ Sorce-1

Picture this.

You’re with your friend at a local b-boy battle. The dancing is on point, but instead of traditional b-boy breaks, the DJ is spinning Talking Heads, Steely Dan, U2, Prodigy, and Sting. Sounds pretty suspect, right? Leave it to DJ P to pull it off. He somehow crams all these groups and more in a tight eight minute mix titled “B-Boy Massacre.” The mix was initially used by The Rocksteady Crew and eventually released as a limited edition 12″ by P.

I first heard “B-Boy Massacre” this past summer after I conducted a Smoking Session with P for TSS. P hooked us up with the “B-Boy Massacre” and another blend of his for our readers to download for free. While I enjoyed the other blend, “B-Boy Massacre” was in constant rotation for the summer of ’07. If I had to introduce someone to P’s work, I would probably choose this as one of the starting points. It’s a fun, musically sound mix that gives you some insight into what P is all about as a DJ. He makes what mixes that don’t make any sense on paper but manage to work musically.

P recently decided to get into the video mix game and have video mixes made for some of his projects. “B-Boy Massacre” is the first one. The video, much like the mix, somehow makes many disparate visual clips flow together seamlessly. Footage from The Warriors, b-boy battles and various music videos play on top of each other without ever seeming choppy or forced. Check out the video, download the mix, and stop sleeping on the unique sounds of DJ P.

DJ P – “B-Boy Massacre” (Audio)

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