DJ Scratch, J. Period Provide ‘The Big Payback,’ A Tribute Mix To James Brown

06.04.14 4 years ago 5 Comments

DJ Scratch and J. Period The Big Payback

If Hip-Hop ever decided to add a fifth pillar, James Brown would be included as a fundamental portion of our music and culture. Much of modern American music has at least trace elements of the man’s, but none more than rap, which finds the Godfather’s imprint in our scratches, breakbeats and replayed elements over the years.

To pay homage, DJ Scratch and J. Period put together The Big Payback, a 45-minute excursion through many of the man’s most recognizable works. Of the mix, Scratch remarks “Remixing the JB catalog sparks a powerful realization: all the music that has most inspired my career — hip hop, soul, funk, Prince, Michael Jackson, Fela Kuti and more — are the direct spawn of James Brown’s genius. I hope my tribute can inspire a new generation of artists to explore the story and catalog of this musical giant.”

There it is. Listen and be inspired.

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