Here’s A Fresh Batch Of DMX Quotes To Add To Your Collection Of Awesome DMX Quotes

01.06.14 4 years ago 15 Comments

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DMX recently did an interview with Russian website 359HipHop which means new X quotes for the new year.

On his arrests:

Last time I was locked up, I was locked up for hours at a time. Who the fuck gets locked up hours at a time driving without a license? Who the fuck gets locked up for driving without a license?! Me! Me! Because I’m famous. That’s all. Police suck dick. That’s what the fuck they do. They suck dick. It’s what they do. I’m not a criminal.

On today’s rap music:

The quality of rap fuckin’ sucks right now! There are some nice rappers but for the most part, them niggas suck! That’s what the fuck it is, man. Take it how you wanna fuckin’ take it! The cameraman agrees with me. Take it how you wanna take it! Bring it! What?!

On his spirituality:

I will not be fuckin’ little boys. I will not be a priest. I will be a pastor. I’m already a deacon but I will be a pastor, soon.

Oh, X. Don’t you ever change. Unless that changing involves putting down the pi…nope! Keeping it positive this year!

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