“My Name Is Earl…”

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Industry Rule #4085: Never listen to DMX while doing laundry. No, not because he’d subconsciously convince you to mutilate all of your clothes. Rather because, if you’re like me, you’d pay so much attention to the lyrics that you’d put too much detergent in the washing machine. Thus causing a smaller scale version of this. The track I kept on repeat for awhile was the infamous “2Pac diss.” With Pac standing as my favorite musician of all time, I actually like to hear disses towards him mainly because I’m so used to hearing Pac diss people. It’s a nice change of pace, if that makes any sense whatsoever.

“Transforming ass niggas who’ll can get it quick
And yo for real, that nigga 2Pac can suck my d*ck
And it’s gon’ take all them niggas in the West Coast to barely move me
Cause when I blow shit up, I have niggas fallin’ like white bitches in a scary movie.”

That’s right, you’ve heard these bars before on X’s classic… *ahem* CLASSIC…debut It’s Dark & Hell Is Hot, specifically the track “Get At Me Dog.” Only difference being the Pac and West Coast shots were removed because at that time of the album’s release, the year was 1998 (two years after Shakur’s date with destiny on that Las Vegas strip). Even with his prison stints and bouts with drug addiction, X remains one of my favorite artists of all time and IDAHIH is a top five album ever…at least in my book.


Download — DMX – “Get At Me Dog” (OG Version; 2Pac & West Coast Diss)

Bonus — DMX – “Slippin'” (Mastered/Dirty Version)

Double Bonus — Since we’re mentioning OG ‘Pac disses, here’s one more from Lil’ Kim.

“Oh yeah, who shot ya?
Who knows, but they gotcha
Fed up, UH, wet up
Maybe next time ya punk ass’ll ‘Keep Yo Head Up…”

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out who Kim was referring to with those bars.

Download — Lil’ Kim – Big Momma Thing (OG Version; 2Pac & Faith Diss)

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