Dark Man Exposed: DMX Vs. The Media

05.17.13 5 years ago 7 Comments

DMX’s public image usually illustrates a predictable picture. The Yonkers native appears as either a crazy rapper on drugs or a straight hilarious rapper…on drugs. What’s forgotten is his struggles and triumphs still shape him as a more complex figure. Then again we’re not here to say “Aww, the media always picks on poor old X.” His traumatic childhood goes a long way towards explaining his character. He still has to own up to issues he’s inflicted on himself and others under everyone’s watch.

However, DMX’s unscripted nature maintains his compelling personality. We laugh along with his candor or shake our heads at the holes in his logic and poor decisions. Nevertheless, he consistently brings fresh air to a climate filled with artists’ canned responses and eagerness to sidestep egg shells. Prepare to see him from all sides through his words.

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