Watch DMX Give A Panhandler A Lesson In The Art Of Negotiation

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02.02.16 11 Comments

Any other rapper and this would be a strange news story. But DMX yelling at a panhandler who got greedy until the guy gives up and walks away probably doesn’t crack the top five strangest things that Earl’s been involved in this week.

The panhandler in question asked our favorite Rakim stan for $5, then upped his request to $20 when DMX appeared ready to give him something. X then said to the guy, “I’ll give you what God leaves it on my heart to give you…God gives me the blessings because I pass them on. The word says, ‘Hoard nothing, for it will become stale.'”

When the man tries to interrupt, DMX looks clearly exasperated, expressing shock that the panhandler is about to “talk himself out of some money.” The conversation falls apart after the two get in an argument over the difference between “advice” and “suggestions” — because DMX — and the panhandler tries to insert a brag about knowing four languages. While we don’t see the man exit, TMZ reports that he left without any of the rapper’s money.

DMX ends the video by addressing the camera, expressing shock over how hard the man made it to try and give him money. But don’t think the rapper is discouraged. “If my purpose is to be a blessing, then I must let nothing stop me,” he said.

Any beggars hanging around the Roots Picnic should take note. If you want more than $5, X ain’t gon’ give it to ya.

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