DMX Had A Unique Hennessey Diet While Filming “Belly”

02.25.12 6 years ago 19 Comments

With his troubled past hopefully behind him for good, Dark Man X has been in the news for all the right reasons lately. Supposedly, an album is in the works and a show at S.O.B.’s in New York that produced quite a buzz. Prior to all that, however, Earl chopped it up with MTV about the cult classic film, Belly.

Here’s a fun fact for you. X’s daily diet while shooting the movie consisted of an egg and cheese sandwich with turkey bacon and an entire bottle of Hennessy to wash it down. I don’t mind getting inebriated on occasion, but even I don’t want to be about that life where I down a bottle of Henny per day. Now, with that mind, I would’ve paid good money to go to a bar with X and Kim Jong Il to see who could down the most shots of premium Cognac before blacking out. As a matter of fact, I would’ve been the designated driver. The conversations between DMX and Jong wasted off that Henrock would be well worth the $3.92/gallon in gas.

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