Shyne – “Messiah”

04.13.10 8 years ago 35 Comments

The music industry wants you to believe that we, the Internetters, are the reason they’re losing money. Feel bad for them if you want. But remember this is the same industry that just flushed millions of dollars down a caca-filled porcelain MC named Shyne.

His last atrocious verse was chalked up as a premature leak that didn’t encompass the breadth of lyrical greatness Shyne was capable of. If that’s the case, what’s this?

This is the equivalent of Tiger coming back at the Masters by shooting 12,000 over par and banging an Applebee’s waitress in the rough at the 13th hole. Wait. That’s a silly comparison. Tiger’s return was highly anticipated.

In case you haven’t gathered by now: this song will not be ringing loudly in the TSS offices. But feel free to play it loudly on your afternoon strolls. If you see L.A. Reid while you’re walking, kindly drop a quarter in his pocket. He’ll need it to recoup on this investment.


Download Shyne – “Messiah”

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