QOTD: Do You Listen To Country Music?

11.07.13 4 years ago 64 Comments

The 49th Annual GRAMMY Awards - Press Room

Once in a while I get asked if I listen to anything other than Hip-Hop. While my answer is always a genuine, “Yeah, I listen to everything,” part of me knows I’m lying. I never listen to Country music. Ever. Not because I can’t appreciate the twang, or don’t buy the honkytonk style, either. There’s just a crapload of other music to keep up with – both new and old, spanning multiple genres – and I simply choose to take my spins elsewhere.

However, from what people tell me, there’s quality in Country. Some friends even say certain songs have similar structures to rap – which seems plausible, considering both burgeoning genres are reliant on catchy rhythms and everyman concepts.

Do you listen Country music? What am I missing?

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