Doe B And T.I.’s “Homicide” Video Is Artistic Irony At Its Finest

05.02.14 3 years ago 4 Comments

Understanding how the final moments of Doe B’s life doctored itself allow the connection with his “Homicide” video to convolute the separation of art and life even more. Upon viewing the visual, 50 Cent’s line from DMX’s “Shot Down” comes to mind when he says, “In the Bible I read, death is of the tongue/ And if you talk about death enough death is gon’ come.”

Unless a person stands in the unenviable position of being a death row inmate, the end never announces itself. For Doe, his music just happened to provide the soundtrack.

As for the song in question, it’s banging. The video, unlike most in this era of microwavable clips, brings the record to life in ways the audio version was incapable of. Tip’s flow is charismatic and razor sharp, leaving to thought his forthcoming Paperwork album prayerfully delivers with the force of three piece jab-hook-jab combination from the guy fighting in Vegas tomorrow.

Everything about song is, in the eternal description of Maurice Garland, “fie.” Rap’s obsession with death will never not be depressing and fascinating though.

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