Dom Kennedy – “Dominic”

10.04.13 4 years ago 12 Comments

dom kennedy

In terms of October releases, if everything goes according to plan, Pusha, Nipsey and Dom Kennedy’s projects will all be in my possession ready to blast next weekend at homecoming.

OPM’s HNIC dropped off his DrewByrd-produced “Dominic” last night offering yet another look into what’ll ultimately spawn into Get Home Safely a little less than two weeks from now. Much discussion surrounding GHS has been the fact Dom didn’t drop the project in August, as if an album’s entertainment factor suddenly decreases as we march closer to Halloween and Thanksgiving. Of course having new Dom as the soundtrack to cookouts and day parties during the warmer months would’ve been ideal, but using that as grounds for not listening to an album? Let’s just say I’m biased, but let’s also say I’m just not wired like that.

Whatever the case, “Dominic” is what fans of Dom have come to expect – smooth production, an easy-to-remember hook and digestible lyrics. Good enough for me.

Tracklistings: Dom Kennedy’s ‘Get Home Safely’

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