Dom Kennedy – “South Central Love” Video

09.05.13 4 years ago 7 Comments

dom kennedy south central love video

Dear Dom,

I really wanted to see and hear you own the summer with Get Home Safely. I wanted us to own it together, you know, with the tape playing as my theme music to long flights and drives on long nights. Now, Labor Day’s passed and, obviously, that didn’t happen. Don’t worry, young Veggies did his part in holding things down.

This new cut, “South Central Love,” it’s cool and I get it. I do. The Tupac marketing theory says to give the broads what they want and the dudes will follow. But next record, put a little more moxie into the mix. Give me that cruisin’ material that I wanted around May. The weather may start cooling off over the coming weeks but I still want to play Home… with the windows down.

Yours in Christ,

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