The iPod Shuffle – Dom Kennedy’s “The 4 Heartbeats”

10.05.12 5 years ago 8 Comments

Dom Kennedy’s music was tailor made for the summer, the 1st and 15th and the occasional three-day weekend. Don’t believe me? Let the Overdoz-assisted “The 4 Heartbeats” knock in the whip as we all take advantage of one of the last few semi-warm weekends of the year.

“Uhh, girl stop playin’ wit me
I know my songs the only reason why you layin’ wit me
The way the whole building get to swayin’ with me
Sign on my door sayin’ “No you not stayin’ wit me”
So knock twice if you tryin’ get right (Ayeee!)
Knock again if you brought your lil’ friend (Ahhh!)…”

I say the same thing every weekend it seems.

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