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07.10.14 3 years ago 17 Comments

Don Cheadle Speaks On How Miles Davis Changed His Life [OKP]

Buzz Aldrin Discussed His ‘UFO’ Encounter And Going To Mars [Reddit]

Mathew Knowles Hit With Second Paternity Suit By Solange Former Friend [It’s Only Ent.]

Obama Laughed It Off When Someone Offered Him Weed In A Denver Colorado Bar [Uproxx]

Ma$e Goes Off On Radio DJ For Asking What We All Want To Know [Urban Daily]

Scientists Claim Climate Change Will Wipe Out The Gingers [Gamma Squad]

Vegas Rapper Arrested For Walking Down The Street While Black [Byron Crawford]

Neymar Recovering Well From Injury [Goal]

So, Money Does Buy Happiness? [WSJ]

A Case For Cargo Shorts [TL&SILA]

10 Easy Ways to Hide Money From Your Spouse [Daily Finance]

Cleveland Finally Wins Something: The 2016 Republican Convention [The Atlantic]

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