Don Trip Dissects The Root Of All Evil On The New Track ‘Cleo Never Dies’

05.24.16 2 years ago

Don Trip isn’t appreciated enough. While his popularity since “Letter to My Son” has faded and he retreated to the depths of the underground hip-hop scene, Trip’s music has only gotten better. His debut album, Godspeed, was one of my favorite releases of 2015. A year later, he’s working on his sophomore album and that starts with a new buzz single titled “Cleo Never Dies.”

“Cleo Never Dies” is Trip back on his story-telling tip with production from his signature producer, Yung Ladd. If you’ve heard The Game’s “Doctor’s Advocate,” the sample will immediately stand out as Lori Perry’s “Up Against The World,” which appeared on the Set It Off soundtrack to the 1996 flick. The concept seems to place Trip into the fold as he writes about how he’d join the four female characters from the movie to support his family, and that was the underlying factor in everyone’s decision. Who doesn’t want to create a better life for their family? However, greed comes with the territory and Trip ends the song with a clip from the film showing just that.

The Head That Wears The Crown is out on June 24. Pre-order it on iTunes. The song won’t be making Trip’s upcoming album. Instead, it lives on DJ Logan Garrett, DJ Capcom, DJ Motor Mane and 24K Bric’s Lethal Weapon tape that will be full of exclusives and releases on Tuesday at Orange Mixtapes.

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