Donald Trump Threatens To Sue Mac Miller, Proves You Can’t Buy Class

02.01.13 5 years ago 20 Comments

I’ve always stood up for Donald Trump. Partially because of his clownish actions are hilarious, partially because he’s in on the joke and mostly because of the brazen honesty he continually deals out no matter the consequences. This time, however, the devil’s face has been exposed.

Apparently, Donald Trump plans on suing Mac Miller for royalties, over the hit single Pittsburgh’s youngest in charge named after the real estate mogul. As you can see from The Donald’s tweets below, he’s obviously trying to make an example out of the Blue Slide Park rapper.

Surely, Trump has screwed plenty of people out of way more money, over things much more meaningful. However, despite having minimal impact on the general public, the real story here is the conniving detail that Donald publicly applauded the song in question multiples times – at one point calling Mac “the new Eminem” – during its climb to success and purposely helped publicize the song.

Now, after promoting the track to two million Twitter followers and using his trailing media circus to hype the fun-loving song, this two-faced son of a gun is trying to take back the money he feels he helped Mac make. While he has a claim and more importantly top-tier lawyers to help him state it, the fact is this is a low-class move from a upper-class person and basically makes Trump look he’s pulling from an everyman kid, one who busted his ass to ascend a really tall ladder. Just like him. And, for what? To teach “little Mac Miller” a lesson?

Someone needs to teach Mr. Trump a thing or two about having some class. Between bad reality shows, unlawful smear campaigns against the PUSA and now this, he’s starting to come across less like a money-hungry mogul and more like an attention-whoring bitch every day.

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