Run The Jewels – “Get It” Video

10.24.13 4 years ago 12 Comments


In terms of White/Black duo power rankings of the past five years, Killer Mike and El-P’s approval rating is through the roof. Sure, Rob and Big had a remarkable run and it’s possible to throw the Obama-Biden tag team in the mix, but neither of those have produced – what could go down in the future as – two classic rap albums in R.A.P. Music and Run The Jewels.

“Get It” is an explicit reminder of how great the summer months truly are, especially when you’re a rapper. There’s twerking, tight leggings, copious amounts of marijuana smoke, performing at venues nationwide and rapping that’s hard enough to make a person stop what they’re doing and perform prison push ups for no apparent reason.

We’re nearing the end of 2013 folks.* I’m not telling anyone what to believe the album of the year is. But if Run The Jewels isn’t either at the top or near the top of your list, might I humbly suggest starting over.

* – For Mike and P’s European amigos, the physical edition of their self-titled album sees a European release this December.

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