Donnis – “Ford Mustang”

04.08.11 7 years ago 5 Comments

Where I come from, people either love or loathe the Ford Mustang. Being the Motor City, everyone is in complete awareness of its prowess as an automobile, but certain car connoisseurs just can’t stand the sight of the storied ‘Stang’s so-called muscle. Well, it just so happens, most people I know also feel the same way about Donnis. The Fools Gold freshman from ATL is more known for being unknown than his actual music, which includes shoulda-coulda-been hits like “Gone” and “Tonight.” And it seems, to some, the legit spitter with a radio-friendly approach has always been lauded as someone undeserving of his spot.

Aware of the comparison or not, the self-proclaimed Donnis happens to drop “Ford Mustang,” the easy-riding dedication to the iconic auto off his upcoming Southern Lights mixtape, due this week. The jazzy result keeps the gear low, but once again backs up this rappers reputation’s fresh, whether you agree or not.

Give it a test-drive and see what you think.


Donnis – “Ford Mustang”

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