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The untimely passing of filmmaker John Hughes shed significant light on what actually constituted as a great movie. Just glancing at his filmography, it was clear that he was he was a mastermind in capturing the joy and pains of societal American culture for the silver screen. In the realm of Hip-Hop, few have demonstrated an appreciation for this so quickly than Donny Goines. After all, his latest album, the stellar The Breakfast Club, borrows its title from one of the director’s most revered creations. Intrigued, TSS wanted to know how deep the level of sophistication was in Mr. Goines DVD collection.

Short Circuit [1986]

“An 80’s classic near and dear to my heart. I actually cried when I saw them goons beat on Johnny 5. I was a kid you know (Laughs) But the movie is one that has always been a favorite.”

The Breakfast Club [1985]

“Did you seriously think I would make a list of my favorite movies and not add this? (Laughs). Rest in peace to John Hughes. The brilliance of this movie to me was it’s simplicity. Accurately depicting the portrayal of very serious issues that went on in any High School U.S.A. and, although funny and entertaining at times, really showcasing the teenage angst we all faced. Classic.”

Trainspotting [1996]

“This movie is some real trippy shit right here. The thing I really loved about this one was the no-nonsense depiction of young addicts struggling with the issues of drugs. Although at times lighthearted, this movie hit a nerve with me mainly because I understand how it feels to be trapped in a daze of drug use as a teenager. Great movie.”

Awakenings [1990]

“Seriously, this movie made me shed a few tears (and I was a grown man when I saw it!) The story was that deep. Parkinson’s Disease (The most famous person to be diagnosed was Micheal J. Fox) is a serious affliction, and Robert De Niro executed his role as a patient in the hospital brilliantly. Robin Williams also did a great job as well. All around amazing movie. Check it out if you haven’t seen it yet.”

Leaving Las Vegas [1995]

“This is by far the best movie I’ve ever seen in my life. I really can’t even begin to explain the range of emotions and intense storyline displayed in this movie, but suffice it to say it’s my favorite for a reason. To me it’s a story of acceptance and the truths in it parallel life so authentically to me. It details an alcoholic who decided to drink himself to death in Las Vegas. Along the way he meets a prostitute who accepts the path he chose and they begin a relationship which ended in a tragic way. My favorite of all time.”

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Always the hardworker, Donny blasted off a brand new song from his Twitter strictly for your enjoyment.


Download — Donny Goines -“Dream Awake” (Produced By Nastee)

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