(Don’t) Re-Elect Martha Reeves For Detroit City Council….

07.28.09 8 years ago 7 Comments

Unfortunately, it’s just too easy.

Martha Reeves, former Motown star and slumlord, is back in the news after she went overboard on Photoshop. While campaigning for re-election to her Detroit City Council position, the former lead of The Vandellas shamelessly decided she was going to put whatever the fuck she felt like on her promo flier. Not only does she claim her old group will be running alongside her in the primaries this August, but Reeves is also apparently a member of the one team no one wants to associate with: The Detroit Lions. That’s turrible © Charles Barkley.

When there’s people who don’t think twice running The D, it’s no wonder the police chief called it ‘the Wild West.

Re-Elect Reeves Flier Raises Eyebrows [Click On Detroit]

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