Don’t Support This Song: Big Chief Feat. Rick Ross – “Nate Dogg”

05.09.11 6 years ago 40 Comments

Guess who’s disgusted right now? Me. Guess why? Because some cookie-cutter Ca$h Money piece of crap named Big Chief is trying to make money off the passing of one of my favorite artists with a puke-inducing song called “Nate Dogg.” Please, someone, get me a pedestal.

Let’s get things straight. It’s one thing to spread around honorable ode’s for free as a tribute to the man’s legacy. It’s another thing to brazenly use the moniker of history’s greatest Hip-Hop hook singer as a simile for OG Kush on your Rick Ross-assisted single, especially when it’s another one of Rozay’s gang-raped chorus formulas. Boldy in bad taste and obviously stretching the metaphor to capitalize monetarily off the timeliness of Nate’s death, does this Dallas dopeboy seriously think he can slide up in the backseat of Baby’s eight-million-dollar Maybach and get away with this? Last time I checked, it was the 213 crooner’s never-replicated voice and twenty years of studio sessions that earned the clout, not your retard bars and Black & Mild breath, Chief.

Now, I never want to knock another man’s hustle, but this isn’t cool. As far I’m concerned, Lil’ Chief becomes Pocahontas and his music is boycotted until he completely stops pushing this song.

Who’s with me?

Big Chief Feat. Rick Ross – “Nate Dogg”

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