Donwill Feat. Nicky Guiland – “Breathe” Video

03.16.11 7 years ago

Donwill, one of the three two talented emcees from Tanya Morgan, offers a track for those moments when the challenges of life seem overwhelming with “Breathe.” The titular advice, as Nicky Guiland’s feathery vocal advises, is just to “inhale, exhale.” This time-tested remedy will cause the troubles of life to draw away like the tide going out to sea.

Beyond this simple cure, the rest of the song seems perfectly-crafted to help refresh any individual worn down by the grind. The instrumental is relaxing and smooth, while Donwill’s inspirational verses’ will put a battery in anyone’s back, allowing the istener to come charging out of the corner and begin fighting anew. And if just a bit more inspiration is necessary, it’s got one more ace in the hole. All that snow that Donwill encounters in the video? It’s soon to be a distant memory. Ah, now that’s enough to revitalize even the most stressed-out individual.

Donwill’s Don Cusak in High Fidelity is available now.

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