The Doppelgangaz – “Live Rugged” Video

03.26.14 4 years ago

The Doppelgangaz

Yes, it’s totally cliche to champion a song for capturing the vibe of a city, probably one of the oldest tricks in the Hip-Hop Journalism Handbook. But got damnit, The Doppelgangaz did their thing with “Live Rugged,” a track – and video – just dripping with New York City flavor.

Props to both Matter Ov Fact and EP. Like an NBA team capable of starting two point guards at once, the tandem is equal parts responsible for the production of ‘Rugged,’ and the LP which the song graces, Peace Kehd. They can score, too, in some pretty creative ways: the song leads off with a pretty detailed account of a very particular kind of woman, before circling back to some good, ol’ fashioned sh*t-talking.

And the hook? Something Spike Lee would be mobbing to in the early ’90s: “I live rugged, do what I want, do what I want, until I kick the bucket.” Simple, but no really something you can argue against.

Hit play and vibe. And be sure to check out the LP, Peace Kehd, on Bandcamp if you haven’t already.

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