‘Downloaded’ Details The Rise, Domination And Fall Of Napster

02.05.13 5 years ago 21 Comments

Anyone with years of experience in listening to music via the Internet can testify to how revolutionary Napster was, still is and always will be. Directed by Alex Winter, Downloaded details the rise of the controversial innovation which struck the fear of God in the music industry at the turn of the century. Expect to view the documentary in its entirety at SXSW next month.

The trailer below has been in circulation since December, but proves to be an intriguing look nonetheless. Napster changed the world, and ultimately proved to be the gateway drug for spinoff programs like Limewire, Kazaa, Bearshare and more. Still, nothing replicated the impact Napster presented.

I’d be lying if I said I remember the first song I downloaded from Napster was (gauging from this article, others might). It had to be something Tupac or Jay-Z-related. Or maybe even Juvenile. I can’t remember. Either way, Downloaded looks to be one of those films that will have us all donning our nostalgia caps and remembering the time when the Internet dealt the music industry a sucker punch it still has yet to truly recover from.

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