Aleon Craft x DJ Smallz x SMKA Productions – Mothership Decatur Mixtape

04.12.11 7 years ago 2 Comments

Have you ever ate food for thought off a flying saucer? Ever been beamed down by a wordplay transporter gamma ray? If you believe in UFO’s, RAP’s and 808s, Aleon Craft would love to cordially invite you to the planet of Mothership Decatur. It’s a spirited place where fun and artistic freedom run congruently in abundance. And in case you were wondering, all the girls in the yard got a “donkey kong” in the back seat. How’s that for alien activity?

Whereas most try to keep up with the curve, Mark the Martian is steering his spaceship to another galaxy, backed by the swampy and intoxicating production of SMKA and masterminded to meet DJ Smallz’ ultimate design. Atlanta has seemed to be lost in translation as of late, mimicking the burnout sounds of other regions instead of trailblazing their own path. With a mix of rock, electronica and dirty dirty gospel soul, Mothership Decatur is demanding to be taken to your leader. Better comply or get eradicated off the face of the earth.


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