BEEN TRILL – We Out Here (X-Rated Mix)

06.26.12 6 years ago 2 Comments

Playlists are awesome because someone else does all the work, specifically finding what’s hot right now and then mixing and layering it into an audible masterpiece, which is precisely what’s happening with BEEN TRILL’s We Out Here (X-Rated Mix). All the listener has to do is hit play, and then fall headfirst into a blissful blend of trap and drill, with electronic segues in between.

The G.O.O.D. Music-affiliated DJ collective traveled opened the A$AP Rocky show in Chicago with it last month, and after some tweaking, took it across the pond to Benji’s BBC Radio 1 show. For the final mix that’s floating around the Internet, they added some radio-unfriendly cuts and expletive versions of songs to their original set. If only FM radio could be like that stateside… Fortunately, BEEN TRILL stays being trill with mixes like these, and it’s worth the detective effort to find DJ sets like this.

BEEN TRILL – We Out Here (X-Rated Mix) For BBC Radio 1

Seen: FSD via illRoots

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