Big Boi – “Shutterbug”

04.05.10 8 years ago 44 Comments

Uugggghhhhh… I hate you for this, Big Boi. Scott Storch, you too. You’ve ruined me, my interest in any other music coming out right now, and probably my speakers at a very soon-to-be date.

As though I forgot how good it could be, here comes this multi-layered funk, caked so rich it doesn’t have a word for it, just a face. A very, very ugly face. From the stank of Parliment, the nasty of Roger, a hot waft of Soul II Soul, and the raw of B-I-G B-O-I.

Stop it. No, but don’t stop. If you stop making this music I’ll be forced to keep digging for some unsatisfying quasi-high that will never feel like the real thing. If you stop making this music, we’ll have to listen to endless piles of a poor pittance. If you stop making this music, others won’t be challenged to in turn challenge the genre.

Hello, Summer soundtrack. Welcome back, Big Boi.


Download — Big Boi – “Shutterbug” (Prod. by Scott Storch)

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