Cris Cab – Echo Boom Mixtape

02.01.12 6 years ago 5 Comments

Can you imagine if your first mixtape featured Wyclef Jean, Shaggy, Melonia Fiona and Pharrell, who also happened to be the one funding it? Well, Cris Cab can. With the long-anticipated release of his first full-length project of all-original material, Echo Boom, this up-and-coming singer/songwriter has enough co-signs to ensure his talent sees the upper-echelon. Yet, what sets Cris apart from just about every other teenage male singer currently on the scene is the Reggae influence his sound carries. Being that he was born and raised in Miami, the Jamaican flavor emitted throughout the kid’s tape sounds authentic as can be, specifically on standouts like “Angels & Demons” and the Wyclef-assisted knocker, “Rihanna’s Gun.”

Still, we can understand if this isn’t quite your thing, because it’s definitely different. Just know that different can be good and Cabby ain’t go anywhere for a while, so hopping on board the train while the tickets are cheap might not be a bad idea.

Download — Cris Cab – Echo Boom

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